I Got an Herb for That!

About me....

This is my story about How I came to follow my dream.......
In 2000, My father died and it changed my life. The selfish and self destructive way I was living started to come to an end and I began my healing journey spiritually and emotionally. In 2001 I developed health problems. I had extreme nausea and anxiety. I had other physical symptoms; all pointing to something was not right with my body. I was paralyzed with sickness and could barely live my life. My body was compelety shuting down and I was powerless. Conventional Doctors said I had a minor case of chronic gastritis but that it shouldn’t make me that sick. They began to prescribe drugs that treated my symptoms but had side effects. They seemed puzzled and skeptical. They started to question my sanity. I started to question my sanity. This went on for a year, appointments, tests and still no closer to an answer. I became frustrated and lost confidence in western medicine. I got pregnant and my symptoms lessened. I actually felt better, I know now that I was living off my son's energy. After I gave birth I developed postpardon depression, because I no longer had a life support system. I needed a real solution. God helped. Support from family and friends helped but my body started breaking down again. I went to see an traditional Naturopath doctor/ herbalist. A recommendation made to me by an unlikely source. I ignored the suggestion. I really didn’t think that stuff worked. I was skeptic and believe the propaganda. But after awhile I felt it couldn’t hurt.
To make a long story short… it was amazing!! I was transformed … physically. I was shown a different way to live. I learned how to eat. I learned that herbs are food and safe with no side effects. I became committed to a new way of life through herbs and food. My body was transformed and I became healthy and whole.  I had been given a gift that enables me to hear my body when it talks to me. I also realized that this way of life enhanced my spiritual and emotional journey too.  I found my passion for life and my purpose. I couldn’t wait to share it with the world. That was in 2003. I started studying and taking classes…and slowly did some work with others. In 2005, I became a Certified Natural Health Professional with certifications in Herbalism, Nutrition, Iridology, Muscle Response Testing, Bach Flower Remedies, and Body Systems.  In 2006 the pressure of society and keeping up financially became more important, although I still helped people and lived this way of life, I was not fulfilling my purpose . I had another child in 2007 and my husbands business was not doing well, the economy fell apart and I felt that working a "real job" was the right thing to do to help support the household. WELL 2011, I have walked away from "the real job"  to pursue my dreams and help others. I realized that this is who I am and to deny that would mean to slowly kill my spirit.  I want to share what has been shared with me. I want to educate and inform. I want to teach others how to take care of their bodies and use herbs to help the body heal itself. 
I am currently working towards my Master Herbalist Degree and Pre-Dietetics. I live in Yoe with my husband Matt and 2 son's, Philip 8 and Aidan 3. I have been very blessed with a wonderful and supportive husband, and two happy full of life boys.
I hope to be able to share my wonderful journey with you