I Got an Herb for That!

I am Jane Calcina-Clinton, CNHP

I am a Certified Natural Health Professional and Herbalist. I have studied all aspects of Holistic Healing and I have over 7 yrs experience working with people to achieve their wellness standards.

If you suffer from...*Diabetes *Hormonal Imbalance * Menopause * Fibromyalgia * Fatigue * Stress * Anxiety * Chronic Pain * Indigestion * Gastritis * Acne * Irritable Bowel*  Nausea * Emotional Instability *Depression * Weight Gain or Loss * OR just feeling that something is not right,  I may be able to help.

Everybody’s body is different. I will pinpoint the differences and imbalances. I will evaluate and educate to help guide you and your body through the process of healing. I will make recommendations using natural remedies such as herbs, nutrition and vitamin and minerals.  I will also help you to make gradual, lifelong changes that enable your body to heal and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Please look over my website and call me with any questions.

Thanks for visiting... Jane :)